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This catalog was created to collect all the best crazy awesome products out there. Whether you’re looking for the out-of-the-ordinary gift for someone, or just something unusual and out of the box for yourself, you have come to the right place. We are all about the coolest products.Useless Box

And listen, you have no idea what crazy products exist out there. It’s insane. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, something comes along and rocks your psyche’ once again.

Thank God for the crazy marketplace of modern culture we live in. Can you imagine a world where this did not exist? I really don’t want to either.

Some products are completely useless, and for pure novelty pleasure. Other items listed are actually super useful.

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Cool Stuff For Geeks // What is a Geek without a Gadget?


Here at WorldOfNovelty we are pretty much geek experts — especially when it comes to the geekiest products you can buy. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a geek or you need some serious geek hardware, we’ve got you covered.

Editorial Best Geek Product Picks

  1. Original Gameboy (w/ Pokemon)
  2. Batman Logo Shaped Bookshelf
  3. Retro All-in-One Gaming System
  4. Multi-Color Element Soap Bars that Glow in the Dark
  5. R2-D9 Red Droid USB Car Charger
  6. Millennium Falcon Car Sun Shade
  7. Game of Thrones “Dinner is Coming” Cutting Board


Here’s Some Cool Products That Are Actually Useful


  1. Art Pictures that Filter the Air in Your Home
  2. Portable Car Jumper (nobody else’s car needed)
  3. USB Car Charger With a Tracking Device to Help You Find Your Car

It’s Warming Up! Here’s Some Stuff For Summer

  1. Mermaid Tail Swimwear (Look like a Mermaid!)
  2. Gigantic Doughnut shaped Pool Float
  3. Motorized Beer Cooler

Stuff For Summer


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