10 Unique Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

Searching for a cool gift idea for a dog lover? Below are 10 unique doggy products that any dog owner would love to receive as a gift.

Automatic iFetch Pet Toy

ifetch After a long days work a dog owner may be too tired to play with their pup’. But thanks to technology and innovation dogs can play fetch whenever they want with this automatic fetch toy!

Leash Umbrella

This pet umbrella attaches to a dog owners leash and keeps furry friends dry when they need to go outside while it’s raining.

Timed Puzzle Feeder for Dogs

Dog Puzzle Feeder

The puzzle feeder dog toy plays on a dog’s natural instinct to hunt and forage for food. Keeps dogs entertained and preoccupied while owners are away.

GPS Pet Tracker Collar Attachment

Dog and Cat Collar Tracker One of a dog owners worst fears is that their pet will get lost and go missing. Using this GPS tracker they will never have to worry about this happening.

Mini Dog Couch

Dog Couch Puppies want to feel like they are loved and part of the family. What better way to pamper them than to get them their own sofa?!

Dogs-Eye View Camera

GoFetch Dog-Eye View Camera Strap-on This camera attachment lets dog owners peer into the lives of their pets, and view life through their eyes!

SMART Doggie Door

Smart Dog Door Only pets wearing the SmartKey can pass through the SmartDoor. Gives easy access for dogs, and eliminates a dog owners fear that racoons, possums, stray cats and other wildlife creatures (and mischievous neighborhood children) will crawl through.

Lion Wig For Dogs

Lion Wig

This wig makes dogs appear more ferocious and lion-like. From afar, onlookers may think they have a pet lion!

Dog Jogging Suit W/Hoodie

dog jogging suit For dog owners who like to jog with their pet, this get-up allows them to have matching jogging wear!

Doggie Pedal Water Fountain

Let’s dogs get a clean, refreshing drink on-demand. Better alternative than a bowl of stagnate water that’s been out for awhile and has become dirty.