Gift Ideas for People Who Love Unusual Gear & Gadgets

Have a buddy who likes unusual and amazing gear? Or maybe you yourself enjoy unusual gadgets but none of your friends & family know how to pick out awesome gifts? Either way, check out these 16 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Unusual Gear & Gadgets and find the perfect product for said person.

PowerCup DC to AC Power Inverter – This useful device will charge up all your electronics on-the-go, while not being an eye-soar. Designed to look like a cup of coffee, but equipped to be used inside your automobile with two AC outlets and a USB charging port.



moodINQ – Programmable Tattoo System – Finally a “tattoo gun” for indecisive people who are not sure they want to keep a certain tattoo for the rest of their life – or would just rather have a new tatoo every week!


Beaver Pencil Sharpener

Beaver Pencil Sharpener – Just a cute little beaver pencil sharpener for people who like cute things.. and need their pencils sharpened.


Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard – In case you were unsure, we Are living in the future and stuff like this exists. You can pretend you are some sort of secret agent at the bar, at home, or on the sidewalk.



iPhone Pepper Spray Case – Pepper spray that attaches to your smartphone. Obviously the best self-defense item for people who always have their phones out (and ready for action).

Ski Gloves With GPS – Always know where you are and where you are headed in the deep snowy mountains.


Bicycle with Animated Wheels

Bicycles With Animated Wheels – Clever bicycle wheel designs to turn heads and wow passer-bys.


Money Shredder Alarm Clock – If annoying alarm sounds aren’t enough to get you out of bed in the morning, maybe an alarm clock that will shred up your money if you don’t is.

Motorized Drink Cooler – Careful, you can still get a DUI on this thing.

19-in-1 Multi-Function Key Ring PocketTool – For lovers of all things tools and compactness. Always be ready for whatever tool situation arises.



Flexible LED Snake Light – Hip little LED light that is designed like a snake, and can wrap around things much like a real snake.


Flying Alarm Clock

Flying Alarm Clock – Introduce a little chaos into your morning, with a projectile alarm clock that will have you running around in a frenzy.


SwissCard Pockettool

SwissCard Pocket Tool – Kind of like a Swiss army knife, but designed as a card so you can easily carry it around in your wallet.


Lipstick Portable ChargerPortable Lipstick-Sized Power Booster for Smartphones & Tablets – For those always on the go, who use smart-electronics with battery life beyond normal consumption..

Survival Pocket Chain Saw – The Chainmate CM-24SSP 24 Inch Survival Pocket Chain Saw has carbon steel teeth, is lightweight and portable, and cuts through branches and small logs at rapid speed allowing you to collect fire wood fast.
Rain-Resistant & Shock-Proof Portable Solar Charger – The Solstar can charge your smartphone up to 50% to 60% power after being solar charged for 7 to 8hrs under normal sunlight.