21 of the Coolest Kitchen Gadgets & Novelties For Food Lovers

Is your kitchen boring? If you want to give your kitchen a little more pizazz with something that will excite & amuse your guests, any one of these cool kitchen novelty products will do the trick!

Flower Power Steam Releaser

Flower Power Steam Release

As you vent your pot with this flower shaped steam releaser, the petals will rotate from the steam 🙂


Great White Shark Knife Sharpener

Great White Shark knife sharpener
Sharpen all your kitchen knives through the mouth of great white shark!

Spartan Warrior Knife Block

Spartan Warrior Knife Set

Give your kitchen decor the aura of an ancient Spartan battle!

Panda, Bear & Frog Pop-Out Bread Cutter

Pop Out Bread

Kids will love this cute pop-out bread cutter that will create a 3-D pop outs of pandas, bears and frogs!

Fruits Plant Multi Kitchen Tool Set

Fruits Plant With Accessories
This decorative kitchen “fruit plant” is actually 10 useful kitchen accessories. IT will disassemble into an Avocado Scoop, a masher, citrus cutter, 5 leaf picks, an apple cutter, mesh cutter, grater, lemon squeezer, grapefruit squeezer and a 390ml bowl.

Splash Chopping Board

Splash Chopping Board
A cool decorative chopping board that looks like a messy spill.

Pastasaurus Pasta Server

PastasaurousMake serving pasta a little more fun for your kids (or your inner child) with PASTASAURUS.

Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker

Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker

The perfect way to add sprinkles to your icecream, cupcakes, pancakes (or whatever)!

Kitchen Safe: Time Lock Container

Time Lock Container
Keep sweets and other goodies locked away from yourself for a specific set time. Great way to limit your bad habits without having to use any will power.

See-Through Toaster

See Through Glass Toaster
See your toasting in action! Also a good way to make perfect toast every time as you will be able to see when your toast reaches your preferred level of brown toastiness’.

Ticking Time Bomb Kitchen Timer


Cool 60 minute novelty timer in the shape of a time bomb.
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Nessie Soup Ladle

Nessie Soup Ladle

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Waffle Maker

Charlie Brown and Snoopy Waffle Maker
Fan of the peanuts comic strip? Charlie Brown and Snoopify your waffles before you read your newspaper comics!

Endless Edges Brownie Pan

Endless Edge Brownie Pan
Ever wish you could get more edge brownies? With this brownie pan, every single brownie will be an edge brownie!

Karate Hand Lettuce Chopper

Karate Lettuce Chopper
When you need to cut up and chop some lettuce, why not do so with loud yelping karate noises and a lettuce chopper shaped like a karate hand?

Star Wars R2-D2 Kitchen Measuring Cup Set

Star Wars Measuring Cup

The best measuring cup for Star Wars geeks! In the shape of astrodroid R2-D2, and will disassemble into multiple measuring cups!

Automatic Jar Opener

Automatic Jar Opener
Ladies. No need to stoop to asking a male to help you open a simple jar.. that dude already has ego issues. You have technology, girl!

Egg Genie Electric Egg Cooker

Egg Cooker
This electric egg cooker boils your egg like magic.. like a genie. Just place your eggs in the tray slots and cook your eggs to perfection every time!

Chemistry Set Spice Rack

Chemistry Spice Rack
Cooking is a science, and an art. You can emphasize the science part, and your geeky nature, with this spice rack with chemistry styled tubes and flasks.

Mini Popcorn Maker

Mini Popcorn Maker
Bring the aura of going out to the movies into your living room. All you need is some butter, this mini popcorn maker machine, a surround sound entertainment system, and a guy at the concession stand asking you for your paycheck in exchange for a big gulp.

Disassembling Block Knife Set

A compact, sexy knife block that disassembles into sexy individual kitchen knives.