22 Awesome Novelty Ashtrays

Tired of staring at the same boring, generic ashtray on your coffee table?
Here are some of the coolest, most unique novelty ashtrays available to help you add some flair to your smoking habit..

Iron Man Ashtray

Iron Man AshtrayJust screw off the iron man head and he can be used as an ashtray!


Egyptian Pyramid Ashtray

Egyption Pyramid Ashtray

Egyptian pyramid scribed with hieroglyphics.
Top portion tilts open to conceal ashtray.


 Turtle Shaped Ashtray

Turtle AshtrayAn ashtray for lovers of turtles and the sea.

Green Monster Demon Ashtray

Gremlin Ashtray

Gorish green monster demon / gremlin.
Hold your cigarette on the gremlin’s tongue!

Kiso Ashtray

Kiso Stairs AshtrayUniquely designed ashtray with a stairway leading to three rooms.
Great gift for architects, interior designers and other home bodies.

Motorhead Motorcycle Ashtray

Motorhead Motorcycle AshtrayAshtray for the motorcycle gear heads.
Chain linked wall and a wicked motorcycle engraving.


Guitar Shaped Ashtray

Guitar Ashtray

One of a kind ashtray crafted as a red guitar!
Great gift for a smoking musician buddy.

Smoking Mustache Ashtray

Moustache Ashtray

The internet famous mustache, burnin’ one up.

Donkey Cart Ashtray

Donkey Cart AshtrayThis whimsical little donkey loyally carries around your ashtray cart.

Gun Shaped Ashtray

Gun Shaped Ashtray

The smokin’ gun

Super Mario Star Ashtray

Mario Star AshtrayThe world renown star from Super Mario also comes as an ashtray!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy Ashtray

Dont worry be happy ashtrayDerived from that good ol’ saying from that popular song..
..popularly mistaken as a Bob Marley song.

Jamaican Man Holding Ashtray

Jamacain Man Ashtray

*puff* Ja man, if you say ‘beer can’ in a British accent, it kinda
sounds like you’re saying ‘bacon’ in a Jamaican accent… *puff*

Poker Style Spade Ashtray

Poker Spade AshtrayGreat gift for poker players!
Shaped as a spade with all the card signs inscribed on side.

Car Shaped USB Smokeless Ashtray

Car USB smokeless ashtrayThis green car opens up as fun novelty ashtray.
Will also plug into USB and vent smoke!

Bloated Fish Ashtray

Fish Ashtray

Pot Leaf Ashtray

Pot Leaf Ashtray


Push Button 8-Ball Ashtray

8 Ball Push Button AshtrayPress the button and it’ll open up to capture ash.



Round Rotation Ashtray

Rotating AshtrayHide ash behind this rotating round ashtray.


Coughing and Screaming Lungs Ashtray

Bloody Lungs Ashtray

Trying to quit smoking?
Watching the ash turn this ashtray’s red lungs black may help..
Also screams and coughs when movement sensor is activated.



Colorful Crystal Dots Ashtray

Colorful Crystal Gradient AshtrayA psychedelic ashtray with colorful dotted gradient.


Pirate Skull Ashtray

Pirate Skull AshtrayThis pirate skull’s top screws off to reveal a hidden ashtray.