23 of the Most Bizarre Products You Can Find at Amazon

Amazon.com is known to be a treasure trove of great deals and discounts on a wide variety of products. It is also a treasure trove of some pretty weird sh*t. Here are 23 of the weirdest things you can find for sale on Amazon.com.

Boyfriend Body Pillow

boyfriend body pillow
Who needs a real boyfriend when you can use this cozy boyfriend pillow? — Check it Out

Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer

puff and fluff

Wet dog? No problem! Remove all that moisture from your dog with ease with the Puff-N-Fluff . Just wrap your pup in the Puff-n-Fluff suit, attach a blow dryer to the flex-tube, turn on said blow dryer, and then watch your dog puff up and get nice and dry in no time! – Check it Out

Finger Hooks To Hold Your Coat And Keys

finger hooks

What better way to hang your coats and keys than with these finger hooks? Clearly these would complement any home decor set-up, and are not in the least bit creepy.. — Check it Out

Infant Circumcision Trainer

infant cir trainer

For those of you who need to keep your infant circumcising skills sharp, this infant practice dummy is conveniently available at Amazon. Replacement foreskins are also available. — Check it Out

Silicone Butt Pads

butt pads

Easily add some depth and dimension to your butt with slide-in butt padding!
*This product is Sir Mix-a-Lot approved. — Check it Out

The Face Blanket

Face Blanket

Keep your face nice & warm with The Face Blanket, which comes specially designed with a hole for breathing. — Check it Out

Tampon Flask For Smuggling Booze

Smuggle Your Booze

Need a fool-proof way to smuggle your booze? It doesn’t get much better than these Tampon flasks! Who is going to mess with your tampons? Each tampon flask will hold up to 1 ounce of your favorite alcoholic beverage. — Check it Out

Nicolas Cage Pillowcases

Nicolas Cage Pillows
Really into Nicolas Cage? If so, there are quite a variety of Nicolas Cage themed pillowcases available at Amazon. — Check em’ Out

Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Runny Nose Dispenser

For those of you who need a good laugh in the shower, or need to be grossed out — Check it Out

Haircut Hair Catcher

Haircut Catcher

As silly as you’ll look wearing this thing, it’s actually a pretty good idea.. — Check it Out

Live Lady Bugs

Live LadybugsEach container includes approximately 1500 live ladybugs — Check it Out

Giant 26-Pound Gummy Worm Python Snake

Python Gummy

Be that unforgettable guy who walks into the party with a giant 26-pound Python gummy worm! — Check it Out

Hand Shaped Hand Soap

Hand Shaped Hand SoapHand soap shaped like human hands… well yeah, that makes sense. — Check it Out

Cat’s Ass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Cat Ass Salt and Pepper Shakers

The perfect gift for that cat lady you know? — Check it Out

UFO Detector

UFO DetectorApparently, this contraption detects UFOs. The device continually monitors its surroundings for any magnetic and electromagnetic anomalies.Check it Out

Rubber Chicken Purse

Rubber Chicken Purse

Also known as The “Hen Bag” Handbag – for those of you who like to be on the fringe of fashion — Check it Out

NFL Team Forest Faces

NFL Sports Team Tree Faces

You can get your favorite NFL sports team as a tree face, with a hat representing your team – the mark of a true fan. — Check it Out

Coyote Urine

Coyote Urine

4oz of Wildlife Coyote Urine.
All I can do is wonder how they obtain the Coyote’s pee.. — Check it Out

Dad Saddle (The Daddle)

Daddy Saddle

Let your kids ride Dad like a horse! Gettyup’ Pops! — Check it Out

Giant Ear iPhone Case

Ear iPhone Case

iPhone case shaped like a giant ear.. very weird, but a conversation starter. — Check it Out

Weener Kleener Soap

Weener KleenerRemember, if the Weener Kleener ever gets stuck, just soak the area with cold water — Check it Out

On the go, Disposable Restroom Kit

Gotta Go PonchoFor those emergency situations where you ain’t got no time to wait in a restroom line, or you’re on the road in the middle of no where. Just pull over and whip out your disposable restroom kit! — Check it Out

Deer Rear with Bottle Opener

Dear Butt Bottle Opener

Hang this gem right next to your deer head trophy kill, and pop some cold ones to celebrate — Check it Out