25 Unique Gift Ideas For Under $25

Looking for a unique gift with that “Wow!” factor? Below are listed 25 awesome novelty items that your gift receiver will label as anything but “boring” or “meh” – all under $25.


Keychain Micro Fuel Charger

Fuel Micro Charger Keychain

This micro fuel charger is a great gift to give a buddy who uses their smartphone or tablet so much that they are always running low on battery power. When you need a power boost, the Keychain Micro Fuel Charger will give some backup power.

Keychain Micro Fuel Charger



Pirate Corkscrew Bottle Opener

Pirate Bottle Opener


Who doesn’t love pirates? If you got a wine & brew drinking friend this is an awesome novelty corkscrew to give.

The Pirate Corkscrew handles all your bottle opening needs, with an easy open lever, a foil cutter as well as a beer bottle opener.

Arrgg! Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

Pirate Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener



Flower Filament Light Bulbs

Flower Filament Light Bulb Two Flowers


Who needs a lampshade when you have flower filament lightbulbs!? If you’re planning on buying your girlfriend some flowers, forget that and be more interesting and unique and give her this.

There are a variety flower bulbs available, plus other novelty filaments @ eLighBulbs.com

Flower Filament Light Bulbs



Afro Hair Character Sponges

Afro Character Sponge


Doing the dishes can be so tedious and boring. Afro hair sponges makes things a little more fun.

There are different characters to choose from, and of course, the Afro is your sponge. The body makes great for a handle for dish-cleaning leverage. So basically, not only is this a cool sponge but it is a superior sponge in its utility.

Afro Sponges



The Dipr: The Oreo Cookie Dunker

Oreo Dipper


Have a friend or family member who loves Oreos? This would make a thoughtful (and unique) gift. The Dipr is an Oreo cookie eating tool that helps you dunk your Oreo in milk.

No more dunking your grimy fingers into your glass of milk in order to dunk the entire cookie!

Oreo Cookie Dunker



Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

Horse Head Squirel Feeder

Give the gift of hilarity with this horse head Squirrel feeder.

Designed in a way that squirrels must stick their heads into the horse head mask in order to feed, resulting in uncontrollable laughter and funny camera shots.

Horse Head Squirel Feeder



Snail Measuring Tape


Most measuring tapes are plain and boring. Not this one!

This is a cool gift for almost anyone. We all have to use measuring tapes for one thing or another. Why not have one that looks like a Snail?

Snail Measuring Tape



Leather Book iPhone Case

Leather Book iPhone Bookcase

Need a gift for a book lover? If they own an iPhone they will probably love this iPhone case that is designed to look like an old-fashioned book.

The leather book iPhone case also doubles as a wallet. Triples as a disguise for your smartphone and wallet from thievery.

Leather Book iPhone Bookcase



Heat Activated Mug

There are many novelty coffee mugs out there that you could give as a gift. But if you really want a “wow factor” mug, give a heat activated mugs.

These types of mugs will transform their image to something else once a hot beverage is added and activates it.

Awesome Heat Activated Mugs



Luchador Bottle Openers

Luchador Bottle Openers

Know someone who is a fan of Lucha libre wrestling? Even someone who isn’t a fan can appreciate these Luchador bottle openers!

A luchador is a professional Mexican wrestling performer. And anyone will have fun opening up bottles with these!

Luchador Bottle Opener



Unicorn Drinking Wine Holder

Unicorn Wine Holder

Another awesome gift for wine lovers, especially if they’re into Unicorns.

Place your wine bottles on this wine holder and it appears as though a mythological Unicorn is sipping away on your stash.

Unicorn Wine Holder



Belt With Hidden Pocket

Hidden Pocket Money Belt

Give the gift of safety and security with this belt with a hidden pocket. If your friend happens to get mugged, their money will be kept safe and secure, hidden in this belt.

Hidden Pocket Money Belt



Bow Tie Sponge Holder

Mr Sponge

This little guy is known as “Mr. Sponge” and he uses your sponges as his bow tie.

Classy fellow too, with a monocle and top hate. Great gift for people who like amusing home decor.

Sponge Bow Tie Holder



19-in-1 Multi-Function Key Ring PocketTool

This keychain is a great gift for tool lovers 0 compact and super useful. Comes with 19 professional-grade tools that can help you out in those “situations” that come up in life.

Includes 2 hex wrenches, 6 screwdrivers, some pliers, a wire cutter, a wire stripper, a wire crimper, a hand drill,  file, bottle opener, 2 rulers (mm and inch), and 2 ruler extensions.

19 in 1 multi function keychain tool



Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

Everyone hates soggy cereal, and no one likes to rush through their cereal to avoid it from getting soggy. Solution? The Never Soggy Cereal Bowl.

Never Soggy Cereal Bowl



Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt Lamp

Not only does this lamp look unusually cool, like something from a sci fi movie, but it also provides air purifying benefits.

Salt lamps are made from pure Himalayan Salt using a small bulb inside, and it releases beneficial ions into the air.

Himalayan Salt Lamp



Laughing Buddha Ice Mold

Laughing Buddha

Cubed ice is so boring. Novelty ice cubes are awesome.

This laughing buddha ice tray mold is a great unique gift that’ll let your friend or family member drink their beverages with laughing buddha shaped ice!

laughing buddha ice mold



Offensive Business Cards

You Suck at Parking Offensive Card

These offensive business cards allow you to call out people on their BS and insult people, in a professional manner.

Simply find the card that best matches the situation, and dish out an offensive business card. All kinds of offensive sayings, including “You suck at parking” and “Your tattoos are dumb”.

Offensive Business Cards



iPhone Icons Refrigerator Magnets

iPhone Icon fridge magnets

Clever little refrigerator magnets to give to an iPhone obsessed person.

Comes with all the default iPhone icons that you can use as refrigerator magnets.

iPhone Icons Magnets



Panda, Bear & Frog Pop Out Bread Cutter

Pop Out BreadThis makes a great gift for someone with kids. Helps make lunch time a little more interesting and amusing.

Three animal stamps of animals that y pop up out of your bread in the shapes of a Panda, Bear or Bull Frog.

Animal Popout Bread Cutter



Touch Screen Texting Gloves

Pink Texting Glove for Smartphones
Useful and practical gift. No need to freeze your fingers off trying to text during the winter.

These gloves are designed specifically for texting and general touch screen use with a smartphone or tablet.

Himalayan Salt Lamp



Husky Dog Hat With Husky Paw Mittens

Husky Hat and BeanieGreat gift for an owner of a Husky Dog. But equally great for someone with a free spirit, who likes Husky Dogs.

The Husky shaped dog hat attaches to husky paw mittens. Can be used at costume parties, or in daily life to look cute and adorable for onlookers.

Husky Hat and Mittens



Ninja Coffee Mug

Ninja Mug

Amazing coffee mug for ninja enthusiasts.

Has a detachable ninja suit, and comes with a Sword Stirrer and a Ninja Star Coaster.

Ninja Mug



“Whatever, I’m Late Anyway” Clock

Whatever Im late anyway

Know someone who is always late? Give this to a co-worker who never seems to make it to work on time.

This may encourage more tardiness… but it’s such an awesome wall clock! The clock has precision quartz movement and operates on 1 AA battery.

Late Anyway Clock



Magnetic Key Holder Man

Magnetic Key Holder Man
If you have a friend or family member who always loses their keys, give them this awesome magnetic key holder.

Displays a man climbing up your refrigerator, and he holds on to your keys for you so you won’t lose them.

Magnetic Key Holder Man