30 Novelty Gadgets & Gadget Toys Kids Will Love

Gadgets For Kids
When it comes to gift giving for kids, boring stuff just ain’t gonna cut it. Kids these days (aka millennial kids) usually want a gadget of some sort, preferably one that is electronic (or supplements an electronic they already have). On this page you will find 30 cool novelty gadgets a millennial kid will love. Scroll down through this list and find the perfect gift for your kid(s).


Climbing Wall RC Car Toy

Remote Control “Spiderman” Wall Climbing Stunt Car — Not your ordinary remote control toy. This RC “Spiderman” stunt car will defy gravity, climbing up and driving on walls and windows by using air suction technology to prevent it from falling.

Smoko Toast USB HandwarmersToast USB Handwarmers – These cute little handwarmer gloves keep your hands warm, and are powered through your USB!


Desk Defender Talking Light-Up USB Statue — The USB Desk Defender scares off snoopers by detecting their motions and intimidating them with wings that open up and threatening sounds like “TARGET ACQUIRED — Preparing to dispense product!”


Marshmallow Bazooka — Say ello’ to my little friend! Nothing gets a little boy more excited than fake firearms and weaponry. The Marshmallow Bazooka fires marshmallows up to 40 feet in distance!

Nano Remote Control Quadrocopter

Nano Remote Control Quadrocopter — Bigger is usually always better. The Nano RC Quadrocopter is the exception. Tiny, compact, and super cool.

Electronics Charging Backpack

Electronics Charging Backpack — Considering it’s the 21st century and your millennial child probably has their own arsenal of electronics, such as an iPod or smartphone, this electronics charging backpack is ideal! A source of their much desired electronic power,  right there where their books and homework reside.

Beaver Pencil Sharpener

Beaver Pencil Sharpener — An adorable chrome-finished pencil sharpener in the shape of a beaver… AKA the perfect pencil sharpener.

PuzzleOrbit in Action

Mind-Controlled Helicopter Sphere — This amazing gadget toy is powered & controlled through your smartphone and brainwaves! Attach this contraption to your head, put in same batteries, download the Android or Apple iOS mobile app and hone your telekinesis skills.



Bubble Shooting R/C Helicopter — Combine two of kids most beloved things: Remote controlled flying devices, and bubbles!



Magnetic Floating Globe — This amazing globe uses an electromagnetic base that actually levitates the mini-Earth while it spins!



Portable Nightlight Globes — Cool night light with globes you can carry around with you. The globes use low-energy L.E.D for lighting so the bulb doesn’t get hot and burn your hands.

Transformer USB Drive

Transformer USB Flash Drive — For the Transformer fans, this USB Flash Drive transforms into Ravage, the infiltrating decepticon jungle cat.

RC Mario Kart

Remote Control Mario Kart — The RC Mario Kart lets your kids bring all the fun from the video game into real life!

Shooting Alarm Clock

Shooting Target Alarm Clock— Not a morning person? Not a problem. This alarm clock helps you de-stress while you wake up every morning by shooting at it to turn it off.


Magic Wand TV Remote Control — Your kid a fan of Harry Potter? Have a little wizardly fun with this Wand remote control, whereby you use motions to control your television set.


Smartphone Laser Tag — Smartphones can do anything these days! Which includes turning your backyard into a lasertag arena.


Flexible LED Snake Light – Most LED lights are boring and plain. This one is quite awesome. Shaped like a snake that is flexible so you can wrap it around stuff, and glowing LED eyes.



Starry Sky Camera Lens Clock

Camera Lens Clock with Musical Starry Sky Projection – This clock is shaped like a camera lens, and plays music while displaying a starry night sky projection on the wall to help you get to sleep.


Foam Ball Catapult — Launch a soft spiked foam ball up to 40 feet in distance! Can also be used with snowballs for epic snowball wars during the winter.

Educational Tornado Maker

Educational Tornado Demonstration Model — Get your kids interested in science with a wicked cool demonstration of nature’s fury inside a compact cylinder.

Remote Control Centipede

Remote Control Centipede — This Centipede toy is remote controlled and is the perfect toy for little Jimmy to freak out his sister. Think it’s bad parenting to encourage such mischievous playfulness? Come on! It’s just a bug.

Useless Box Kit

Do It Yourself [DIY] Useless Box Kit — Provides hours of useless do-it-yourself fun with an end product with pretty much useless features.

Doctor Who RC Copter

Doctor Who R/C Flying TARDIS Helicopter — If your kid is a Doctor Who fan, they will love this remote control flying TARDIS-copter.

Stich USB

Stitch Shaped USB Flash Drive — From the 2002 hit animated movie Lilo & Stitch comes this cool novelty USB flash drive that features your favorite dog, who is actually the most wanted (and most adorable) extraterrestrial in the galaxy.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter

Quadcopter With Aerial Camera System — The flying camcorder quadcopter captures professional-quality aerial footage – camcord 1080p video or take 14MP still photos with live viewing, controlled through your iOS or Android device. Perfect gift for the budding YouTuber to take unique shots.

Fuel Micro Charger Keychain

Keychain Micro Fuel Charger for Smartphones — A little device to carry around on your keychain for those emergency electronic power situations. When your smartphone is unexpectedly running low on power while you’re out and about, this small fuel charger will give you some backup power.

Self Balancing Robot

Self Balancing Robot Friend — Pretty much the BETA version of WALL-E. This Robot Friend does all sorts of cool stuff that will keep you, your kids and the pets entertained for hours.


Retro All-in-One Gaming System — All your favorite retro gaming systems packed into one. NES, SNES (and Super Famicom), Genesis (and Mega Drive), Famicom, Game Boy Advance (and Game Boy Color and Game Boy).


USB Squirming Tentacle — It squirms and wiggles when you plug it into your USB port. There is no other purpose to this novelty USB device other than being weird and unusual – and your kids will love it!


Bicycle with Animated Wheels

Bicycles With Animated Wheels — As you ride the designs on the spokes create animated, moving pictures. Lots of different designs to choose from, and your kid will go ecstatic after seeing this. AND they will want to ride it all the time to show it off, promoting exercise and good health!