Adventure Time BMO Plush Toy

Plush Adventure TimeAdventure Time is a popular show on the Cartoon Network. If you happen to of over-heard a kid in your family (or someone else’s kid in your social circle that you’re obligated to give a gift to) than this plush BMO toy is a thoughtful gift to give indeed.

Thoughtful because you thought of it after hearing them talk about adventure time, and you found out on this blog that BMO is a beloved character of the show by all children – so you can’t go wrong. You’re welcome.


“On the show, BMO (pronounced Beemo) is not only Finn and Jake’s fun and loyal friend, but this loveable character is also their game console, alarm clock, toaster, music player, camera, flashlight, portable power outlet, and more. BMO’s a true day brightener and a helpful friend with exceptional versatility and resourcefulness. Who wouldn’t love BMO?” via Amazon