Awesome Garden Gnomes

I’m not sure why the human race decided to start decorating gardens with sculptures of tiny people in pointy red hats..

But I think we can all agree the world is a better place because of it.

Check out these cool garden gnomes you can buy to livin’ up your yard.

1. 5 o’clock in Paradise Gnome

2. Gnome on the Throne

3. Far East Fighter Gnomes

4. Travelocity Gnome

5. Gnome Sitting at Table (Oil Warmer)

6. Scareface Gnome


1. It’s 5 o’clock in Paradise Garden Gnome Remind onlookers to always look on the bright side of life with this light-hearted, beachy garden gnome. Think it’s too early to start sipping on those summer margaritas? Come on, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

2. Gnome on the Throne This hilarious garden gnome will have all your neighbors and onlookers laughing. Displays a whimsical looking gnome on the toilet reading.


Available at

3. Far East Garden Fighter Gnomes Protect your garden with these battle-ready Far East fighter gnomes. (although they look more quirky than they do threatening..) You can buy either the Sumo gnome or the Ninja gnome, or buy them both as a set.

Available at

4. Travelocity Roaming Gnome Own the hilarious Travelocity gnome we have all come to know and love through their commercials. This roaming gnome is motion activated with17 pre-recorded phrases.

Available at

5. Garden Gnome Sitting at Table (electric oil warmer) This is a cool garden gnome sculpture showing a gnome relaxing over a pint of beer on a mushroom infused table that glows. A hand-painted red glass sleeve fits over the light bulb giving the piece a warm glow. Has a dimmer switch so you can adjust the strength of the aroma.


Available at

6. Scarface Garden Gnome Say hello to my little friend! The Scarface garden gnome sports a fully automatic sub-machine gun and is not a gnome for the faint-hearted. An intimidating little gnome for standing at only 9 and a half inches tall.

Available at

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