Awesome Garden Gnomes

Handstand HenryI’m not sure why the human race decided to start decorating gardens with sculptures of tiny people in pointy hats.. but I think we can all agree the world is a better place because of it.

Check out these cool garden gnomes you can buy to livin’ up your yard.

1. 5 o’clock in Paradise Gnome

2. Gnome on the Throne

3. Far East Fighter Gnomes

4. Travelocity Gnome

5. Gnome Sitting at Table (Oil Warmer)

6. Scareface Gnome

7. Mooning Garden Gnome

8. Battle Gnome with Hammer

9. Handstand Henry

10. Keep away from my nuts!

11. Middle Finger Garden Gnome

12. Obama Gnome

13. Zen Master, Meditating Garden Gnome

14. NFL Garden Gnomes


1. It’s 5 o’clock in Paradise Garden Gnome Remind onlookers to always look on the bright side of life with this light-hearted, beachy garden gnome. Think it’s too early to start sipping on those summer margaritas? Come on, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.


2. Gnome on the Throne This hilarious garden gnome will have all your neighbors and onlookers laughing. Displays a whimsical looking gnome on the toilet reading.


3. Far East Garden Fighter Gnomes Protect your garden with these battle-ready Far East fighter gnomes. (although they look more quirky than they do threatening..) You can buy either the Sumo gnome or the Ninja gnome, or buy them both as a set.


4. Travelocity Roaming Gnome Own the hilarious Travelocity gnome we have all come to know and love through their commercials. This roaming gnome is motion activated with17 pre-recorded phrases.


5. Garden Gnome Sitting at Table (electric oil warmer) This is a cool garden gnome sculpture showing a gnome relaxing over a pint of beer on a mushroom infused table that glows. A hand-painted red glass sleeve fits over the light bulb giving the piece a warm glow. Has a dimmer switch so you can adjust the strength of the aroma.


6. Scarface Garden Gnome Say hello to my little friend! The Scarface garden gnome sports a fully automatic sub-machine gun and is not a gnome for the faint-hearted. An intimidating little gnome for standing at only 9 and a half inches tall.


7. Mooning Garden Gnome This garden gnome is great for upsetting people who want society and the status quo to be proper. Upset the balance and portray this improper mooning gnome for all to see!

mooning garden gnome


8. Battle Gnome with Hammer – This gnome is ready for battling action. Great for fans of Thor and also great for a warning to people not to mess with you, as this gnome will be a sign of aggression and violence to trespassers.

Garden Battle Gnome


9. Handstand Henry – Henry doesn’t give a hoot bout’ nuttin. We’re supposed to use our feet to get around? Not handstand Henry.Handstand Henry


10. Keep away from my nuts! – This gnome has apparently befriended some squirrels and is valiantly helping his pals protect their nuts.Keep Away From My Nuts


11. Middle Finger Garden Gnome -Flippin’ the bird.

Middle Finger Gnome


12. Obama Gnome – Display your love for gnomes and President Obama at the same time!Obama Gnome


13. Zen Master, Meditating Garden Gnome – This gnome is a zen master, meditating in the traditional cross-legged style with the “OK” fingers. Not sure whether or not he is aware there is a blue bird in his beard…Zen Master Garden Gnome


14. NFL Garden Gnomes – Gnomes for NFL fans, get a gnome with your football team theme!