BEST Geek Stuff For True Geeks

If you’re a geek, you probably like Awesome Geek Stuff. If you’re not a geek, you’ll still probably like this list of geeky stuff just because they’re, as I said previously — awesome.

trek yourself

Trek Yourself before YOU WRECK YOUSELF Spock T-shirt – Let it be known, get this awesome Star Trek t-shirt featuring the character Spock holding up his classic Vulcan gang sign.


3-Pack of Multi-Color Element Soap Bars that Glow in the Dark – 3 different geeky soaps: Uranium, plutonium, and fallout shelter. All of which glow in the dark. Glows green (uranium), white (fallout shelter), and blue (plutonium)


Sphere Helicopter Controlled by Your Brain Waves – All you have to do is attach this contraption to your head, put in same batteries, download the Android or Apple iOS mobile app and you are ready to rock n’ roll & hone your telekinesis skills. – Watch the Video


Floppy Disk Table – This is a table for all you generation Y’ers out there. The Millennial generation will never understand this, and the time of of no CDs and USB drives. Just like real floppy, that metal thing slides up so you can store your remote and other common table items..


Spock Oven Mit – Live long and prosper, while baking cookies, brownies, lasagna and other delicious assortments. And do all this while wearing this awesome Spock Oven mit, protecting you from the dangerous heat emitted by your oven machine.


Pixel Framed SunShades – Feel and look like you are part of a pixelated world, full of wonder and data bits.. by rocking out your geeky pixel frame sunglasses!!

Bio Robot Refrigerator – A non-sticky gel surrounds the food item when shoved into the bio-polymer gel, creating separate pods. The design features no doors or drawers, and the food items are individually cooled at their optimal temperature.

Glowing LED Chess Set beautifully lights up the chess pieces when they are on or near the board – so you can play chess in the modern world. With electricity.



Samurai Sword Umbrella – Always wanted to be a Samurai? Well that’s probably not going to happen. But you can at least resemble one by wearing the Samurai Umbrella Sword around.

The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force – If you’ve always wanted to be a Jedi Master like the ones in Star Wars, here’s your chance! Straight from the Lucas Library, I give you The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force.


Star Wars Underwear – Listen, your not really a geek until you own a pair of Star Wars boxers or briefs. Claim your birth right as a Geek by nature, and buy a pair of star wars underpants.


Gandolf Paperweight – May Gandolf always be with you, helping you keep your business & personal papers from flying off into the wind, and maybe out the window. That shit happens. Be prepared and get yourself a paperweight, a geeky paperweight.

Street Fighter Converse Shoes – Geeky, artistic, amazing converse shoes created by artist Maya Pixelskaya. Every person on the street will pause when they see these chucks. And Street Fighter fans who see you in these will probably go into an erratic, ecstatic fit. Be careful.


Galaxy in Glass

Milky Way Galaxy Suspended in a Glass Cube – Hold the Milky Way Galaxy in the palm of your hands with this professionally sketched art piece of a galaxy suspended in a glass cube. created with the utmost precision & pristine detail so that can stare into the Milky Way galaxy, like a crazy space giant.



Hooded Jedi Master Bath Robe – Walk out of your bathroom each morning with that aura of Jedi superiority. You know the ways of the force, dress the part.


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