Must-Have Items For The Man Cave


As your personal sanctuary away from the world, your exclusive personal bubble of awesome, you need to get the hook up on the best stuff to have for your man cave. Below are just a few items I picked out for your consideration, for more awesome stuff click here.


To start, you need a proper entrance to your man cave with a feeling of exclusivity, so go for a Hidden Doorway Hinge System.. Hinge System

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Supplement your hidden bookshelf doorway entrance with a proper welcoming sign..

man cave rules

 Every man cave needs a fridge for storing refreshments, and nothing works better for a man cave than the Marshall Amp Fridge..



But if you really want to impress your man-guests, you need a home bar with a draft beer dispensing Kegerator..



Add the finishing touches to your man-cave bar with an LED bottle display shelf..




You never know when some shit might go down in your man cave, so arm your furniture by using this couch that has bullet-resistant cushions and a safe that will hold up to thirty rifles..


Couch Bunker

Of course you’ll need a coffee table to place in front of that bulletproof couch bunker, no mundane coffee table with do for your mancave, so invest in the Retro Arcade Coffee Table…

For some high-quality entertainment / games, wow your guests with a Digital Interactive Pool Table..

For the gamers out there, the retro all-in-one gaming console that will play all your old-school games..


Don’t even leave the cave for some tasty BBQ, just use an Indoor BBQ Grill to satiate your man hunger…

indoor grill

The only mirror fitted for a man cave… the Batman mirror.

Batman Logo Mirror

You’ll never have to fear losing your remote if you use, the pillow TV remote..

Pillow Remote Control

A little Ninja decor never hurt any man cave… try out these ninja coat hooks..


You need a proper robe to lounge around in, may I recommend Hugh Hefner’s signature red silky robe?

Hugh Hefner Robe