Broom Cleaning Dustpan

You know how all that debris, dirt & dust gets stuck and accumulates at the tip of your broom’s bristles? Yeah well, not if you own one of these.

This clever dustpan has rubber teeth that help you comb out all that dust and debri without having to annoyingly pick through it all in order to clean all the left over stuff on the tip.

One of those simple, yet brilliant innovations that will make your life easier.

Now hold it right there, guy. I know what you’re thinking… “This would make an AWESOME birthday gift for my wife!”

You would think that would be the case, but no. Giving a dustpan as a gift is kind of like giving her dish washing gloves or a vacuum cleaner. Not exactly the vibe you want to give out on that special day.

It may work as a supplemental gift though… use this as a gift at your own risk.

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