Brunton Gentleman’s Compass

Brunton Gentleman's Compass

The superb gift for the gentleman and-or scholar. Compass of the gentleman, Brunton Gentleman’s Compass.

What prior buyers are saying..

“I was trying to find something nice that I could personalize for my boyfriend who is a hiking/backpacking enthusiast. This one cost a bit more than the other ones I saw, but I could tell from the picture that it was a stunning piece and kept coming back to it. I received it yesterday and gave it to him last night and it is GORGEOUS!! So happy I went with it. He says it is the nicest gift he’s ever gotten.”


..Superb Gift. I purchased this as a gift for someone very dear to me and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed and neither was the recipient. The instructions should tell someone how to open it (you slide it); I’m glad I figured it out, as I can imagine someone breaking it or, like I did, thinking it’s like a pocket watch and pressing the button opens the case.”

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