iPhone Case With a Built-in Cigarette Lighter & Bottle Opener

Multifunctional Smartphone CaseSmartphones can do many things these days, but can yours light a cigarette and open beer bottles? If not, get with the times and use this multifunctional iPhone case! You can crack open a cold one & light up a cigarette with your smartphone and proceed to check your missed calls, all in one smooth motion.
Cigarette Lighter Smartphone Case
For you fellas trying to impress the ladies, imagine this: a pretty girl asks you for a light and instead of pulling out a generic BIC lighter, you bust out this geared out phone case. While she is in a state of awe and amazement that you just lit her cigarette with your smartphone, that’s when you suavely ask, “Now since my phone is already out, why don’t you give me your number?”
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