USB Car Charger With a Tracking Device to Help You Find Your Car

61ts80qDGmL._SL1500_  Never look stupid again trying to locate the car you just parked 20 minutes ago at Wal Mart. Feel the confidence of knowing where your car is located at all times with this sleek little charger that connects to your car lighter.

  • USB[Reversible]Ports for iPhones, iPads, Nexus ,Galaxy Note/S Series and more ..

USB Car Charger and Car Locator

Smart Car Finder


So, charge all your telecommunication smart devices and use said smart device to locate your car wherever it may be through a convenient app. This USB charger is really way more than that, and starts trying to be an overachiever with things like parking meter alerts, a car battery health monitor and more… — Check this thing out at