Cash Stash Keychain

The Cash Stash Keychain serves as your reserve tank in case you need a little cash in those unexpected situations.

Cash Capsule

Example Situation — You had the spontaneous urge to hit up that bar or club you drove past and you end up getting plastered drunk in need of a taxi cab.

Example Situation #2 — you run into your buddy on the street that you owe 20 bucks (or, you know, if you don’t feel like paying them you could still tell em’ you don’t have any cash on at the moment.. sucker).

Point being, you never know when you might need some cold hard cash on you. And this cash stash keychain capsule will be there for you when and if you do.

This is what one Amazon reviewer said about this, “I found it difficult to roll up a twenty USD in it but squashed in in there.Then i got the idea to put some aspirin in there for a headache or heart attack aid till ambulance arrives . Im 67 and you got to be thinking of these things.”