Click ‘n Dig — Key, Wallet, Remote, Whatever Finder

Do you find yourself misplacing things like your car keys all the time? Technology is here to assist you. Click n’ Dig is an item finder to help you find your important stuff when they go missing.

Click n Dig Model F6 Key Finder


Simply attach one of the brightly colored receivers to an item you frequently find yourself searching for, and instead of spending your precious time on the hunt you can just use this gadget to let you know where it is through beeping and flashing.

Wallet Phone Finder

You’ll be able to easily find lost items up to 60 feet away that are hidden under pillows, under your couch cushions, in your dirty laundry, whatever.

The radio frequency will penetrate through solids so the gadget will still work even if what you’re looking for is behind a wall or under a mountain of cluttered stuff. No one should start their day frustratingly searching for their keys or phone. You’ve got stuff to do. Click n’ Dig can help.