Convertible Dining/Pool Table

Fusion Pool Dining Table  Give your dining area an aura of high-class and mystique by dazzling your guests with this dining table that converts into a sleek & stylish pool table in seconds.


Fusion Tables are custom built in Belgium and come in a variety of styles. You can choose to have your convertible table come finished in Wenge (Dark Oak), Walnut, Grey Oak or Light Oak.

Fusion Table

Picture this: You and your guests are enjoying a nice, fancy dinner complete with wine, cheese and good conversation. You then pop the question, “Care for a game of billiards?”.
  “Sure! Where is your pool table?” your guests will reply, assuming they’ll have to travel to another room..
With a slight smirk on your face, while wiping your dinner from your mouth with a napkin, you proceed to uncover your dining room table, revealing it as a pool table in disguise!

You can buy your Fusion table through retailers Amazon, Tribilliards or WayFair.