Cute Novelty Doorstops

To add a little fun flair to your home, use one of these creative door stoppers!

Humperdinks Dilemma Doorstop

This fun doorstop displays a man in the unfortunate situation
of having his foot wedged in your door!

Red High Heels Doorstop

Red High HeelsDoor stop for the fashionista!

Wedged Mouse Doorstop
Mouse Stuck Doorstop

Eeek! There’s a mouse wedged under your door! –House Guest

James the Doorman Doorstop

Man Holding DoorThis man will valiantly hold your door open for you
whenever the occasion is called for.

Cat Paw Doorstop

Cat Paw DoorstopThis hilarious doorstop makes it look like a cat has
become wedged underneath your door!

Cute Animal Doorstops

Cute Animal DoorstopsThese cute animals stoppers are used on the sides of your door.
If you have a toddler, great way to keep them from locking
themselves in, or getting their fingers jammed.

Ice Cream Cone Doorstop

Ice Cream DoorstopFunny stopper shaped like an ice cream cone dropped on the floor.

Chipmunk Doorstop

Chipmunk DoorstopThis adorable chipmunk will keep your door open with his tail!

Gold Bar Bullion Door Stop

Gold Bar DoorstopYes, I am secretly a billionaire and I use a block of gold to
casually hold my doors open..

Cast Iron Mouse Doorstop

Mighty Mouse DoorstopThis mighty mouse uses his strength to keep your doors from closing.

Wizard of Oz Door Stop

Wizard of OzThe wicked witch of the east has been smushed, by your door.

Frog Prince Doorstop
Frog Prince Doorstop