Digital Posture Tracker For iOS (& Activity Tracker)

Posture Tracker

The Lumo Lift for iOS is a posture and activity tracker that syncs with your iPhone or iPad to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle – its most alluring feature is the posture tracker though, which is a novel innovation in digital health trackers.

iOS integration

Lumo Lift tracks your posture throughout the day (along with daily steps and calories burned). And when you start to slouch sensors will pick up on this and vibrate to remind you to sit up straight / walk tall.

Use the Lumo Lift as your activity tracker AND as your posture enhancer – both being very important to track.

You can set custom goals and view your progress with visual graphs – which will motivate you more to develop some activity habits and good posture.

In today’s sedentary world it is very easy to develop poor posture. Whether from sitting down at the office all day, fiddling around on the computer or watching television on the couch. Poor posture is a hazard that is hard to avoid.

Developing poor posture not only makes you look bad, developing a slump in how you stand and walk, but it’s also hazardous to your health.

The obvious and most prevalent ways poor posture can affect your health negatively is by causing back aches, back pain and slipped discs. But bad posture has many other health hazards associated with it.

Poor Posture

Bad posture can hinder proper breathing, which will disrupt airways and oxygen flow in the cardiopulmonary system. This will also in turn affect your concentration and thinking ability as our brains require 20% of oxygen to do its job properly.

Maintaining good posture will keep your bones and joints in alignment so your muscles are being used properly and more efficiently, rather than in an abnormal way that will cause strain and joint problems, which can eventually lead to arthritis.

Here’s some more info on the health effects of good & bad posture: Negative Effects of Poor Posture, The Benefits of a Proper Sitting Posture and The Science Behind Posture and How It Affects Your Brain.

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