Doggie Pedal Water Fountain

The Doggie Pedal Water Fountain: a pedal operated water fountain made for dogs and clever puppies.
dog pedal fountain
Made of heavy gauge steel for durability, the pedal easily attaches to any garden house or faucet (though I wouldn’t suggest trying this in the house) to provide clean, fresh water any time of day or night.

No more scratching at the door when your bowl has gone dry or drinking from the toilet when the only alternative is utter dehydration. Now your dog can have a cool, tall drink of water anytime you want simply by putting your paw to the pedal, pressing down gently and watching the fountain flow.
Get mom or dad to hook you up and you’ll be sipping and slurping to your heart’s content in no time. Just don’t be surprised if you find them sneaking a sip on the sly. That little paw pedal is hard to resist.

So, what are you waiting for? Go online and order your own Doggie Fountain today.
You’ll be the envy of every terrier, hound, and bichon on the block.

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