Flexible LED Snake Light



With this crazy snake light, you can pretty much wrap your light up wherever you need it to be. On a branch while your trying to re-arrange your backpack, for example. Or around something high so the light is overhanging you while you’re trying to read/write when you’re in the dark. The possibilities are endless!


This snake light would also be great for scaring off thievery, when people see this flashlight of epic proportions that they do not understand – they will pause. 41o5842g6SL
From mankinds long history with deadly snake bites we have become fearful of snakes and even objects that resemble snakes. Wrap it around your backpack and feel the kind of security and confidence that comes along with carrying around a LED-powered snakelight, which will strike fear & terror in the hearts of men that only the great Medusa would know.
Wraps around most objects – Press head to illuminate its LED eyes – Dimensions: 7.09″ x 1.18″ x 0.79″ Inch – via Amazon