Flower Filament Light Bulbs

Flower Filament Light Bulb Two Flowers


How do you make a light bulb interesting? If you said make it more energy efficient, get outta’ here and stop being boring! Just kidding, energy efficiency is a noble and interesting pursuit… but what may be even more interesting (or at least purty) are these light bulbs with flower filaments.


Flower Light Bulbs


Ladies who like to decorate can make everything in the house, including your light bulbs, a work of decor art. Guys, impress all your lady friends with this, and your interior art decor adeptness. — Hey babe, take a close look at my light bulb, what do you see?. This will either send her running for the hills, or into your arms.  *use this method at your own risk dudes.


Flower Filament Light Bulb

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