Flying Alarm Clock

If you’re looking for that alarm clock that will successfully get you out of bed in the morning without the option of hitting the snooze button, and you’ve already perfected your aim with the shooting alarm clock, the flying alarm clock may be just what you need.

Flying Alarm Clock

With this particular alarm clock, when the buzzard goes off a flying projectile is propelled off to fly somewhere in your room. You must return it to the base to shut off the alarm.

This forces you to get out of bed and it also forces your mind to focus to find that damn thing so you can turn off the loud shrieking alarm it makes, waking you up in the process.

A little bit of chaos and hide & seek is the perfect mixture for pulling you out of your drowsy slumber. It is especially more chaotic if you have a dog that will grab the projectile and run away with it. Man’s best friend.

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