Funny Dog Costume Ideas for Halloween 2014

Looking for funny costume ideas for dogs this Halloween? It is hard to say whether or not it is ‘morally okay’ that we dress up our pets in funny outfits against their will for our amusement..

Halloween Dog Costumes 2014

On the other hand, why do they have to look so friggin’ adorable in them?

How are we supposed to resist such temptation? Plus, we provide free food and shelter, so they owe us… Anyway, here are some of the best dog costumes you can snag for Halloween 2014, as well as some creative homemade ideas to get your imagination going.

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Two dogs carrying a package – here is a dog costume idea that almost everyone on the internet has seen. The image went viral a couple years ago but is still an awesome, clever costume idea for your pup. Unfortunately this costume isn’t for sale, but if you have the inclination and crafting ability this would put a smile on everyone’s face!


Star Wars Walker Dog Custume

 Star Wars Imperial Walker Dog Costume – Only way to bring this walker down.. go for the legs.


Chubbs the Bantha Pug – This Bantha pet costume transforms your pooch into a perfect little bantha mount for adventurous little Sand People.


More Star Wars Dog Costumes..

Star Wars Pet Costumes


The Fifth Element Dog Costume – That girl Leeloo from the Fifth element had a funky style, indeed. So funky that her wardrobe is totally worthy of Halloween dress up!


Spider Dog Costume – Whoa.. Yeah, being back the scary and creepy of Halloween time!



Elf, or maybe Leprechaun, Dog Costume


Being Eaten by an Alligator Dog Costume – Your pup will look like he or she is being chased/eaten by an alligator while walking around! Very creative.


More Dog Halloween Costumes

Taco Dog
Taco Dog Costume – Yo Quiero Taco Bell! Tacos are delicious, and this dog costume is awesome. This would work best with a Chihuahua dog I think.


Elvis Dog Costume

Elvis Dog Costume – You ain’t nothin but a hooound dog, crying all the time. Bring back the funky times of Elvis with this amazing Elvis dog costume!

Mr T Dog Costume

Mr. T Dog Costume – I pity the fool who doesn’t own this amazing Mr. T puppy costume! Take your Halloween to A-team levels by rocking this out this Halloween 😉



Cowboy Riding on Back of Dog Costume


Velociraptor Dog Costume



Butterfly Wings Dog Costume


Tortoise Dog Costume

Tortoise Dog Costume


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