GPS Pet Tracker – Dog & Cat Collar Attachment

Dog and Cat Collar Tracker

Is your pet a free spirit that likes to run loose into the wild whenever they can? Any pet owner who has had to go out on the hunt for their lost pet when they get loose will appreciate this Tagg GPS Pet Tracker. This device is a collar attachment that monitors your pet’s location with an innovative and award winning tech design.

Pet GPS and activity tracker

Combined GPS and wireless technology, you will be able to keep tabs on your pet at all times. If your pooch or feline wanders away from the designated “Tagg Zone” this tracker will alert you via email or text, complete with an interactive map & directions to your pet’s whereabouts.

activity snapshot


This device does more than track your pet though, it can also be used to monitor your pet’s activity to find out if they’re getting enough exercise. Now you can track your pet’s daily activities, set activity goals and be pro-active in your pet’s health!