Smart Fork

Your fork can be either your greatest enemy, or your greatest ally. By using the HAPIfork Smart Fork you can forge a healthy alliance with your fork, and improve your eating habits.
HAPIfork SmartFork

This fork can be connected to your smartphone or tablet to see and measure your eating habits, and it will coach you and motivate you to eat better. Using a healthy-eating-habit diet app on its own will not be nearly as effective as integrating it with the medium that connects you and your food (the fork). Now you can use it as a tool, rather than as a hindrance to your weight goals.


SmartFork Stats


Of the many ways this fork can help you, one example is its SLOW IT DOWN ALREADY feature, which combats the common habit of eating too fast. Usually we human beings will scarf down as much foodstuff as possible as quickly as possible. However, this is a bad way to eat because your body doesn’t register the “fullness” feeling until about 15-20 minutes after you eat. When you are eating to fast this fork will remind you to slow down the pace by lighting up and vibrating.
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