HD Spy Pen Camera

Spy Pen Gadget

In need of more James Bond-esque gadgetry in your life? Let me introduce you to the Spy Pen Camera.

Not only does this pen capture high quality HD footage, it also looks and writes just like a regular pen. So if someone asks you if they can use your pen for a second, it will unassumingly write as it should, and your surveillance efforts will not be revealed.

Once you have filled up the 8GB SD card with spy footage, you can review it all on your PC or Mac simply by uploading it from your pen with a USB cable.

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In this day in age, you have to always assume you are being watched. This isn’t paranoid talk either. Thanks to the advancements in surveillance technology, it is estimated that Americans are caught on camera more than 75 times a day – and this doesn’t even include the NSA. Who knows what sort of weird satellite technology they are using to spy on us from outer space (yeah okay, may that is a little bit of paranoid talk).

Spy PenFrom neighborhood home surveillance systems, to traffic cameras, convenience store security cameras, etc. you are constantly being recorded and your whereabouts would not be hard to track. And now you have even more surveillance to worry about – consumer spy gadgets. Such as this Spy Pen Camera.

Why fight it!? Join the fun! Forget about worrying who is watching you, and start doing the watching!

What could you use this Spy Pen for? Here are a few things off the top of my head…

(1) Catch your boss saying/doing something incriminating or something that would be frowned upon, and use that as leverage for a raise.

(2) Create your own prank reality TV show. Mess with people in public places and catch their reactions on camera.

(3) Use it as an ‘always ready’ camera to catch the next big viral Youtube sensation when something goes down in public. …Use said viral Youtube video to catapult yourself into stardom, go on national television talk shows to talk about the viral video, become a celebrity, get an offer to act in a Hollywood movie, go on to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. ..Could this all happen from a simple Spy Pen? YES.

Disclaimer: Anything suggested in this post that you act upon is on YOU. All suggestions are made in jest, and not to be taken seriously. .. Please don’t blackmail your boss.