Hello Kitty Contact Lenses

Hello Kitty, that ubiquitous feline cash cow and icon of cuteness, now finds herself starring on a pair of decorative contact lenses as part of a whole new trend in ocular cosmetic enhancements.


These quirky contact lenses are customized with an iris pinwheel of color featuring an entire litter of Hello Kitties, embellished by hearts or flowers, and set on a background of beautiful color that blends with your own eyes to enhance their natural shade {they are available in a variety of designs and colors depending on which website you visit}.



The lenses are non-corrective and are good for up to one month’s wear.

We probably wouldn’t recommend these eye accessories to fraidy cats or those who suffer ommetaphobia {fear of touching the eyes} or even ailurophobia {a persistent irrational fear of cats}. But if you think these kooky contacts are the cat’s pajamas, why not give them a try. You may find them absolutely purrrr-fect!