17 Hilarious Prank Gift Box Packaging

Prank gift packages are a great way to add a little something extra to your gift giving. Just place your actual gift inside a prank box that displays an absurd fake product on the cover, and be sure to have the camcorder ready for their reaction before they open it up to receive their actual gift!

Blankeez, Family Snuggie

A snuggie for the entire family!


Crib Dribbler

Crib Dribbler
You would feed a hamster this way, why would you object to using this for your child?
Double standard much?


Pet Sweep – Animal-powered Debri Removal System

Pet Sweep
If you’re giving a gift to a new parent, hit them with a double-whammy and put the Baby Mop Onesie inside.


Bacon Scented Dryer Sheets

Bacon Scented Dryer Sheets
Because who doesn’t love the smell of bacon?


Bathe n’ Brew

Bathe n Brew
This is what you call “efficiency” here in America.


Beer Concealment Beard

Beer Beard
Hey pops, you can hide your alcoholism behind this crafty beard / brew dispenser.


Earwax Candle Kit

Earwax Candle Kit
Hey cousin, I know how much you like do-it-yourself projects 🙂


Extreme Chores Video Game

Extreme Chores
Why isn’t this real? I’m sure it would be a hit with the kids.


Hot Lips Face Heater

HotLips Face Heater
Stay warm this winter, especially around the face area.


iArm Attachment

Keep your hands free while you use your iPad!


Nap Sack

Nap Sack
Nap anywhere! Anytime!



It’s funny buy hey, did you know a slightly less ridiculous version of this actually exists?

Pet Petter

Who’s going to pet your cat while your away from the house?! Solved.


ToeTunes Slippers

Now you can dance and jam your way through the house, through the streets, or wherever, without missing a beat!

USB Pocket WOK

USB Pocket WOK
Cook stir fry while you surf the web!



A unique calander indeed.. count the days using your earrings!


iDrive Mobile Device Mount