Illuminated LED Waterfall

Whether you’re a master of Zen, a hopeless romantic in search of a distinctive new way to set the mood and ignite some passion on that special night, or a holdover hippie longing to relive your psychedelic past… this unique and peaceful Waterfall Plates Fountain is the perfect ambient addition to any garden, bachelor pad, or hut in Haight-Ashbury.

Powered by a USB cable or three AA batteries, this mesmerizing home accessory is more than just a beautiful conversation piece. Its array of colorful lights and calming sound of cascading water will stimulate the senses, lending an air of tranquility, romance, or far out fun. Be it an evening alone in quiet meditation; a quiet dinner for two; or any groovy late night gathering with your funkalicious friends, The Waterfall Plates Fountain will set the tone while you provide the extras.

So, go ahead… Brew yourself a cup of green tea and turn on a little Enya. Pour a couple glasses of champagne and slip into the love zone with Barry White. Or pop open a bottle, crank up The Grateful Dead, and have yourself a trip down memory lane.

Just turn on the fountain and go with the flow.