I’m Fine Bloody T-Shirt

For the ultimate martyr, the perennial prankster, or the boy who cried, “Wolf. No wait… just kidding,” this tee shirt is sure to provide months of gory frolic and grisly fun.

Whether you’ve been out all night slaying the zombies; down in the basement working the power tools; swimming with the sharks; or working the circus sideshow as a human target for your local impalement artist, the I’m Fine Bloody T-Shirt will assure friends, family, and the local paramedics that, although something went terribly wrong, you’ve survived the nightmare and you’re going to be a-okay.

Brought to you by the tee pushers at Bad Idea T-Shirts, these heavy weight tees are pre-shrunk and come in 100% cotton or cotton/poly blend, depending on the style (tees, tanks, etc) and shade selected. They come in a variety of colors, but, truth be told, nothing shows off a bloody mess better than ultra-bright white.

And for even more plasma related pleasure, you can drop the tee off with your weekly wash load and ask the laundry specialist to pay extra attention to that little red spot on your undershirt. Then give a tiny smile, turn, and limp away holding your side in pain…