Inflatable Floating Island Raft

Hi there. Are you tired of hanging out on dry land all day?

If you answered yes, then why not try finding yourself a large body of water – such as a lake or an ocean – and hang out with your friends on an Inflatable Floating Island Raft.

This floating island raft makes a great oasis from boring dry land. It can comfortably hold up to 6 persons and it has a built-in cooler for some refreshing sodas, and/or alcohol.


WARNING: Be wary of drinking alcohol in this thing in the ocean as you may lose track of where you’re floating and find yourself too far off land, or on a deserted island. Last thing you want is an enjoyable afternoon turning into a fight for survival.


Floating island raftThe raft also features wading pools so you can dip your feet in some cool water.
You have your  four standard cup holders, plus areas on your cooler(s) n such.
Built in the side is a boarding platform so you can easily enter and exit your inflatable raft as you wish – in case you want to take a quick swim or you have the urge to push someone into the water.