Inflatable Pizza Slice Float

pizza inflatable
Listen, I know after that long and debilitating diet you’ve been on to get that summer bod’, the last thing you need is an inflatable float of delicious temptation. On the other hand, winter and loose fitting sweaters are coming – it’s time to splurge, baby!

I’m talking about eating pizza upon pizza on a pizza slice float, while sipping down some soda pop (which your pizza slice will accommodate thanks to its convenient built-in drink holder). You have all of next Spring to regain that beach bod… do you really wanna miss out on a pizza pool party with pizza floats? Oh oh, and doughnuts.

Pizza Inflatable Floats

With the included bungee connectors you can raft two (or more) pizza floats together. With enough pizza floats and people you can potentially create a full circle of pizza in the water!

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