Digital Interactive Pool Table

Let me introduce you to Obscura Digital’s CueLight Interactive Pool Table System—a high tech system for transforming any pool table into a high class digitally enhanced video experience.


Utilizing an overhead mounted projector to shine a 1920 by 1080-pixel display onto the table, players can select between three modes: Fire, Fluid, and Reveal (that’s where the bikini babe comes in), using a handheld remote.

High-definition imagery reacts and changes in response to the shots, and follows each ball responding to their movements. Kind of like pool hall meets disco, this crazy over the top table has all the elements of a wild night on the town and is already a hit at Las Vegas Paradise Tower Penthouse, Hard Rock Hotel and CasinoTM, and at the Esquire SoHo apartment in New York.

But, don’t despair, you can order your own CueLight Interactive Pool Table System–with or without a table–for a cool sum of…. well, we’re not sure exactly how much, but it would probably be cheaper to book a room at The Hard Rock and jump a flight to Vegas… Viva!

Time was when an afternoon at the local billiard parlor meant a simple rack ‘em up and break shot, but I suppose it was inevitable that technology would soon take over this humble, time-honored game of hustlers and sharks, and kick it up to a whole new level.