iPhone Pepper Spray Case

Whether you find yourself in a bad situation and need to fend off an impending assault on the street, or somebody just rudely interrupts you while you’re texting, the iPhone Pepper Spray Case has got you covered.


Created by a man from Arizona concerned for the safety of his daughter, this handy case includes a built-in pepper spray canister and can be used with the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

In a dangerous and stressful situation, you have little time to be fumbling around in your purse for your pepper spray. Surely though, you have your iPhone out & ready at a moments notice, at all times (Looking at you millennials). So why not weaponize it?

The case has multiple safety mechanisms to prevent accidental firing. For example, accidentally spraying yourself in the face while talking to a friend.
This pepper spray case is safe, compact and effective – case comes in black, white, turquoise or pink.