Kitchen Safe: Time Lock Container

Studies have shown that successful people are more likely to practice delayed gratification. However, it is getting harder and harder to tolerate delayed gratification in an ever-increasing technological world of instant gratification. The good news is that technology is being built to help us with this predicament… such as the Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container.

Time Lock Container

With this kitchen appliance you don’t even have to worry about using your will power to eat healthier – you will be forced to wait to enjoy those delicious cookies, brownies or whatever you store, because you can set a time limit on when you can open this container! When your window of opportunity opens up, take out 3 cookies, a piece of cake, or whatever it is – then immediately lock yourself out to avoid temptation & over-eating.

Kitchen Safe Time Lock Container

Load up on Kitchen Safe containers, lock up your most precious & delicious goodies to only be available a couple times a week, and stock up on healthy foods that will be the only freely available options when you’re feeling hungry. With this method you are forcing yourself to eat healthy.. no will power necessary.Time Lock Container Electronics


And of course, the container can be used for other things as well: Stash your your favorite video game, gaming controller, your television remote, power adapter, et cetera. Whatever vice you’re trying to cut back on that can fit in this container, lock it up, limit your use and you will find yourself doing more productive things, cause you have no other option!

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