Leaf Shaped Tea Infuser

Premium Tea Infuser GENUINE Flourish and Thrive

Herbal tea isn’t just for hippies.. its actually pretty healthy & cool! A tea infuser makes a great gift for someone trying (or needs to be trying) to get healthy with new, healthy habits. This premium Tea Infuser by Flourish and Thrive is one of the cooler tea infusers on the market..

Tea Infuser Flourish and Thrive


Here is what one Amazon customer had to say about this infuser… “This is the loveliest, easiest to use tea “ball” I’ve ever tried. It came in the mail just a few days ago, but I’ve used it multiple times already. It’s so easy to load with tea, and clean up– so, so, so easy! Just pop off the top, rinse out the inside and tada! Ready for a fresh cup of tea.”

Premium Tea Infuser GENUINE Flourish and Thrive BPA free

BPA-Free Silicone Handle and Stainless Steel Ball — Great Full Leaf Steeper Capacity, Modern, Stylish, Best for Loose Leaf or Herbal Tea, Cute Tea Maker with Drip Tray, Brew in your own cup or mug, Strainer, Steeper —- Lifetime Guarantee — Learn more at Amazon