LeapFrog LeapBand – Activity Tracker Watch For Kids

LeapFrog LeapBand

Thanks to advancements in engineering & technology, there is now a “kid toy” that has been invented that will instill good habits in your child, while keeping them busy and happy so you can enjoy your “me time” knowing that the LeapFrog LeapBand is picking up some of the heavy lifting of parenting.

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The LeapFrog LeapBand is the first activity tracker made for kids with tons of stuff to keep them busy, while simultaneously developing motor skills, healthy habits and life skills.

LeapBand features a pet pal, interactive games and daily challenges that keep kids engaged and excited to reach goals.

The device comes with 50 fun challenges, all of which encourage healthy exercise & play, which your child can earn points from. The points earned for being active and completing goals can be used in six events in the app. Customized digital pets like dragons, unicorns, penguins and more compete in fun-filled competitions to win medals and pet accessories.


The LeapBand comes with parent controls so you can set play times, specific challenges and more.. It would be hard to find another toy out there that will offer the same kind of “fun motivation” for your child to do good & develop healthy habits.

LeapBand“My almost 4 year old is running around the house like a happy maniac right now… and I am a little jealous that my fitbit fitness tracker isn’t as cute or as much fun as this Leapband. The little animal avatars are adorable and the fitness challenges are really engaging for my daughter (with music, sound effects, cheering, etc.). There seems to be a lot of variety to them too — some examples: skip to something yellow (and then it plays music and cheers your child on), do a silly chicken dance (and then it makes clucking sounds to music), jump like a kangaroo (and then it makes funny “boing”ing noises). Each of the challenges is only around 15 seconds or so. I’m actually surprised by how much my daughter loves them and loves “earning” jewels and hearing the device cheer for her..” read full review