Magic Pencil Earphones

Just like magic, these earphones design make it seem as if you have a pencil going through your head.  The Magic Pencil Earphones  are high-quality audio disguised as a practically magical optical illusion.

Most people choose to simply tuck a pencil behind their ear and give it a rest, but there will always be those off-beat alternative types, those mavericks of mirth, who prefer to take that pencil straight through to a whole new level–in one ear and out the other.

The design concept is to separate the pencil into two parts—the eraser’s end and the tip of the pencil—then transfer them into the high quality Hoomia earphones; thereby adding a bit of whimsy and fun to your everyday listening pleasure.


This captivating little headset comes in a variety of colors and is designed with a microphone function that enables the user to make phone calls when utilized with a smartphone.  It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and most other smartphones and tablets.


As a salute to all of those subtle pranksters, who don’t necessarily want to draw a crowd but still like to make you look twice, the designers of Afterain Design Studio lent an air of avant-garde wit to the old “arrow through the head” joke when they teamed up with the sound specialists of Hoomia to create The Magic Pencil Earphones.