Magic Science “For Wizards Only” Kit For Kids

I remember when I took a chemistry class in school. Maybe I just didn’t understand the material, but as far as I’m concerned, science IS magic. Just check out this video. If that isn’t sorcery I don’t know what is.

If you’re trying to get your kids into science, you might want to buy them the Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit which includes 10 “magical” activities for your kids to do.

The activities are safe and fun with a step-by-step manual that will introduce your kids to science in such a way that Bill Nye the Science Guy could never do. Real life, hands on, almost magical scientific tricks and experiments.

Some of the things this kit will show your kids how to do is how to cast real smoke from their fingertips, cast color-changing spells, make powders magically dance, perform magic card tricks and much more.

Once your kids get into Harry Potter they will be ecstatic to have this “Wizards training kit” and all the cool scientific er, I mean wizardly things they can do with it.