Milky Way Galaxy Suspended in Glass Cube

Hold the Milky Way Galaxy in the palm of your hands with this professionally sketched art piece of a galaxy suspended in a glass cube. created with the utmost precision & pristine detail so that can stare into the Milky Way galaxy, like a crazy space giant.

Galaxy in Glass

Combining scientific data and the art of laser etching, the production of this cube was inspired by a desire to see a galaxy in three dimensions.

Photographs can only offer a viewing of two sides, but the designers of this incredible piece used a laser to etch around each of the 80,000 stars in the Milky Way, using three-dimensional data from Japan’s National Astronomical Observatory—considered to be some of the most creditable and best-quality galactic data available.

The galaxy is suspended within the cube slightly to one side in order to place the solar system (Earth) in the exact center; hence the given name, “Beyond Our Solar System.”

Whether you have a love of science; an appreciation for fine design and eclectic art; or you simply want an inspirational object on which to meditate, dream, and contemplate life, this magical piece will lend a bit of mysticism, beauty and awe to any home.