Mind-Controlled Helicopter Sphere

Thanks to advancements in science, technology & engineering, it appears we are now moving closer and closer to mastering telekinesis.  In the year 2014, you can now fly a toy helicopter sphere using your brainwaves and a smartphone.

PuzzleOrbit Box

This Puzlebox Orbit originally started as a Kickstarter idea that was funded by interested parties.

They reached their goal and now this baby has come to life and is on the market to dazzle and amaze kids and adults alike.


PuzzleOrbit in Action


All you have to do is attach this contraption to your head, put in same batteries, download the Android or Apple iOS mobile app and you are ready to rock n’ roll & hone your telekinesis skills.

For more on how the PuzzleOrbit works, check out the video below..

check it out