22 Most Unique Novelty Gifts

If you’re the kind of gift giver who likes to give the most unusual and out-of-the-ordinary gifts to a person, this list was created for you. Whether you’re shopping for a man who has everything, a girl who isn’t easily amused, a friend you want to shock with an outrageous present, whatever the case – scroll on. We’ve got the most unique and coolest gifts imaginable listed on this page!

Pirate Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

Pirate Bottle Opener
Arggg! Why’s the wine gone?!



Samurai Sword Gear Shift

Samurai Sword Shift KnobProbably the coolest stick shift ever.. for more check out these other cool shift knobs.



Afro Hair Sponges

Afro Character SpongeThese funky Afro Character Sponges help clean up the funk.


Spartan Warrior Knife Block

Spartan Warrior Knife SetBattle-Ready Kitchen Decor – Spartan Warrior Shaped Knife Block



Pack of Chewing Gum Lighters

Clever lighters disguised as chewing gum!



Cookie Monster Dunk Mug

Cookie Monster ugThe perfect milk and cookie dunker!

Ninja Star Push Pins

Ninja Star Push Pins



Alien Abduction Lamp

Alien Abduction LampGot a crazy UFO conspiracy theory buddy? Here’ the perfect gift!

Heat Activated Coffee Mugs

Heat sensitive mugs change visually when a hot liquid is poured into the cup. Coolest gift mugs ever.

Two Dimensional 3D Effect Lamps

2d3d Lamp Shade2d3d LampsThese cool lamps are designed to give off a three-dimensional effect, yet the are flat!



Speech Bubble Corkboards

Corkboard Speech Bubbles



Retro Arcade Coffee Table

Arcade Coffee TableWould be an expensive gift BUT every gift proceeding this gift would be a disappointment in comparison. No other gift would compare.



Pillow TV Remote Control

Pillow Remote ControlThis is a remote you will never lose underneath the cushions.


Air Umbrella

Air umbrellaInstead of a canopy, this umbrella uses air to deflect the rain!

Silk Suit Pajamas

Suit Pajamas

Lookin’ sharp, even whilst you sleep.


Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

Ben and Jerry LockFor anyone serious about their Ben & Jerry ice cream.



Portable Super Nintendo Console

Pocket Super NintendoA retro gamers dream gift! Super Nintendo action, anywhere you please.


iPhone Case With Built-in Cigarette Lighter

Cigarette Lighter Smartphone Case



Keychain Micro Fuel Charger For Smartphones

Fuel Micro Charger KeychainBack up charger (in the shape of fuel) for smartphones and tablets.



Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

Project a functional laser keyboard onto any flat surface. Why? Because this is the 21st century, damnit.



R2-D2 Home Planetarium

R2 D2 Proector PlanetariumGaze upon the stars in your living room with a hologram projection from your very own R2-D2


Batman Snuggie

Batman Snuggie