Motorized Skateboard

The Wheelman 50 cc Gas Powered Skateboard is a center mounted engine and frame vehicle supported at each end by a spokeless wheel.  It runs on a mix of gas and oil.

Steering is similar to a regular skateboard, using body movement or foot action depending on your speed. The speed at which you travel is controlled by a cable type controller held in your hand; the harder you squeeze, the faster you go.

Superman.  Batman.  Spiderman.  Those guys have got nothing on you, dude, cause when you step onto your sleek new 50 cc gas powered skateboard no one is going remember The Caped Crusader, Spidey or The Man of Steel; all they’re going to see is their newest superhero: You… The Wheelman.


Once a simple, mild-mannered skater with an old school board, you hung out at the skate park practicing ollies and lip tricks with all the other dudes. But that’s all about to change. Your life is switching into high gear and there’s no turning back.  Navigating the mean streets and back alleys of your hood, cruising at super speeds of up to 25 miles an hour, you’ll be looking for action and fighting the good fight. You’re one with The Wheelman and you’re ready for action.

Over pavement, dirt paths, and rocky terrain, there’s going to be no stopping you.  Why?  Cause you’re The Wheelman.