Myo Armband – Control Your Tech Devices Using Hand Gestures

Myo Hand Gesture Armband

The Myo gesture control armband lets you wirelessly control various tech devices using your hand gestures and arm movement. Just slap on the armband and control your devices like a wizard, waving your arms about. The Myo armband works by reading the electrical activity of your muscles and the motion of your arms, then transmitting this information to your device to tell it what to do.
Myo Armband

The Myo is multifaceted and can work with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices through Bluetooth Smart. You can fly air drones around, control your Sphero, craft fancy presentations using your arms to zoom in and slide through. You can use it for browsing the web, to play videos, to play video games, for virtual reality applications, and more! The uses for the Myo will continue to grow as more technology and applications are adapted. Learn more about the Myo at