Novelty Home Decor That Will WOW Your Guests

When you invite friends and family over to your place, don’t let it be a boring experience. Make sure you have some awesome novelty home decor to WOW them with!

Bigfoot Garden Statue

Bigfoot Statue
The Sasquatch makes a great garden piece for the eccentric home owner. Designed in the likeness of the current mainstream idea of what Bigfoot looks like, this statue will bedazzle and bewilder.

Sunglasses Shaped Mirror

Sunglasses Mirror
If you’re looking for a unique mirror for your home, it doesn’t get much more unique than a mirror shaped like sunglasses. Who do you know that has one of these? Exactly.

Katana Sword Bookends

Sword Katana Bookends

This set of bookends are designed to look like a Katana sword is pierced through your books holding them together, when really it is just magnetized to the front and back covers of the end books.

Galaxy Rugs

Galaxy Rugs
Galaxy rugs add a touch of space geek to your home decor. These beautiful carpets depict known galaxies in their design and are sure to wow your guests!

Warped Curvy Bookshelves

Warped Bookcase
These cool bookshelves are like no other. The design may have your guests thinking there is a warp in the space-time continuum occurring in your living room!

Life-Size Black Panther Garden Statue

black panther statue

Scare the hell out of your guests with a life sized, realistic looking black panther!

Wicked Witch of the East Red Ruby Slippers Doorstop

Wicked Witch of the East Red Slippers Doorstop
Use this Wizard of Oz themed doorstop to hold open your doors for another strange home decor item to surprise your guests!

GameBoy Refrigerator Decal

Refrigerator Game Boy Tetris Decal
Home decor for video game enthusiasts! This amazing Gameboy decal comes in a multiple colors to match that of your fridge.

Ninja Throwing Star Coat Hooks
Ninja Coat Hooks

These unique coat hanger hooks are designed to look like Ninja stars impaled into your wall. Tell your guests they are battle souvenirs you use as home decor now from when ninjas invaded your home and were subsequently defeated by you because you’ve been taking karate classes.

Teddy Bear Lamp

TeddyBearLambJust a cute teddy bear with a lamp as his head.

Super Mario Bros. Wall Graphics

Super Mario Brothers Wall Decal
Celebrate the legacy of Super Mario with these amazing wall graphics! Great home decor for a kids room, or a Mario shrine containing all your favorite Super Mario video games.

“Floating Books” Bookshelves

Floating Books Bookshelf

Cleverly designed bookshelves that give the appearance of books floating around in mid air!

Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp

Ice Cream Cone Lamps
Silly you say? What is silly about a giant ice cream cone lamp? Clearly this one of the greatest lamps ever devised.

Dragon Sculpture Coffee Table

Dragon Coffee Table
One of the most badass coffee tables available on the market. Designed with a sculpted dragon, holding up a clear-glass table! Crafted by award-winning artist Monte M. Moore, well-known for his awesome fantasy art and sculptures.

Floating “Pouring Coffee” Lamp

Floating Coffee Cup Lamp
This bizarre lamp at first glance looks like a floating cup pouring in mid-air! Quality optical illusion home decor.

Slide to Unlock Doormat

Slide to Unlock Doormat
Anyone with a smartphone device will appreciate this doormat. Heck, it may entice your guests to actually wipe their filthy shoes before coming into your home!

Drinking Unicorn Wine Bottle Holder

Unicorn Wine Holder

Is that a tiny magical unicorn drinking your wine bottle over there? Nah, that’s just my wine bottle holder.

Garden Gnome Kidnapped By Gargoyles


No garden gnome is safe when Gargoyles are lurking about. One of their favorite hobbies include kidnapping their yard decor rivals – pointy hat gnomes.

Mustache Door Mat

Moustache DoormatGreet your guests with a mustache!