Novelty Ice Cube Trays

Why would you settle for boring cubed ice to chill your drinks when you can use these awesome novelty ice cube trays? Below are some of the most awesome ice cube trays available. Happy beverage chillings.


Batman Ice Cube Tray

The Batman Icecube tray forms the iconic flying bat symbol


The Gin and “Titonic” Ice Cube Tray

Forms icebergs and a sinking Titanic ship


Bullet AK47 Ice Cube Tray

Encloses water into the Bullet Ice Cube Tray to create the shape of an AK-47 Magazine


Han Solo In Carbonite Ice Tray

Among the many Star Wars Ice Cube trays available, this one is probably the best. Forms Han Solo frozen in carbonite.


Eater Island Moai Stone Statue Ice Cube Tray

Forms the famous (and mysterious) Moai Stone Statues of Easter Island


Grenade Ice Cube Tray

Drop some bombs in your beverages with this ice cube tray that forms the shape of grenades.


 Marijuana Leaf Ice Cube Tray

Freak out your friends when they’re high by surprising them with pot-shaped ice cubes in their drink.



Guitar Ice Cube Tray

Forms an awesome looking guitar, with a fret board for extra color and to make it easier to get the ice out of the mold intact.


Cat Ice Cube Tray

Ice tray shaped like a cat, forms cat ice cubes.