Novelty Kitchen Timers

If you’re looking for a kitchen gift for someone who loves to cook, novelty kitchen timers are always a good choice! Chefs and general cooking folk need to keep track of time.. sometimes multiple times at once – so the kitchen timer is an absolutely essential tool of the cook enthusiast!

Why not let your kitchen timer be a cute little penguin timer? Or a smiley face? Open your friend up to the world of awesome novelty kitchen timers and help them spice up their kitchen style! Below are but a few of your options..

Chef Man Kitchen TimerChef Man

Kitchen Timebomb Timer
Time Bomb Timer

magnetic kitchen timerMagnetic Kitchen Timer

penguin kitchen timer
Cute Penguin

Cat Timer
Pompous Looking Cat

Duck timer
Lucky Duck

Little Chicken Timer
Little Chicken

Strawberry Timer

Smiley Face Kitchen TimerSmiley Face